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Help with booking your appointment and contacting the salon and stylists             

So you’ve decided to give us a shot and want to book an appointment or perhaps you would like to have some questions answered before you book.  Here are some tips to get ahold of us and to book your appointment. 

Azarra Salon & Wine may be different than salons you have visited in the past. Each staff member has their own private room to perform services. We have common areas for shampoo and processing in the client lounge (we overlook the Thea Foss waterway & museums and on a clear day, we have a mountain view.)

Because each stylist is independent, your experience may vary depending on the stylist you select. Read over the staff bio pages to get a feel for the staff so you can find one who is a good match for your hair and personality.

Contacting us:

The best way to reach us is via email. We check our email regularly and except for very busy days, will see any message sent pretty quickly.  We do not have a receptionist to answer the phone, so if all the staff are busy with clients or cannot get to the phone you will be forwarded to the voicemail.  All the voicemails are forwarded via email to the appropriate stylist. Calls are returned as soon as possible and generally during our regular business hours. 

Our email address is or you can find the individual staff email addresses under the ‘Staff’ tab. (Here's a hint: the email format is So to reach Aura Mae, use


Book your Appointment:

Our online reservation system is a wonderful way to best see the available times and dates of your stylist and to match that up with your own availability. 

  • Click on any of the ‘Make an appointment’ links, this will take to the online booking site.
  • Next select who the service is for, what kind of service and with whom (if you have a preference) from the drop down menus.
  • Select the preferred date and time slot.  If the selected stylist isn’t available on that day the system will show you other stylist’s availabilities or you can change the dates to find time with your preferred stylist.
  • After you select the time slot enter in all your information to complete the booking.


If you don’t know exactly what kind of service you want/need, just book the thing you feel best matches what you like and in the ‘Notes’ section just drop a line letting us know what you are trying to achieve and we can adjust your appointment accordingly or reach out to you if we have any questions about the booking.


If you do not receive a booking confirmation in your email (or via text if you made that choice), you do not have an appointment. 

All appointment notifications are made through email or text, so be absolutely sure you have given a valid email address or cell number (with your carrier) to receive appointment reminders and notifications. 

We look forward to meeting you!!


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