What makes us different?

There's a lot about our salon that you might find different from places you have been in the past.

Cuts, Colors, Styles & More

Whether you need a quick cut, a brand new style or a little bit of both...our talented artists (AKA stylists) have you covered from start to finish. Only rule: have fun!

Blow Out & Special Occasion Styling

Savvy people know that professionally styled hair lasts several days. Treat yourself to hair that makes you stand a little taller and smile a little wider.

Facial, Wax & Nail Care

Frame your face with eyebrows to match your new style. Say goodbye to that annoying fuzz. Or stop by for some extra self care and relax with a natural manicure and pedicure.

Wine From Around the World

While you are in the salon, have a sample of the featured wine of the day. We stock affordable wines for everyday drinking from around the world and our own backyard.

Olaplex: The Bond Maintenance System


We also have our own line of hair products!

Working with a cosmetic chemist, we crafted a selection of products that are free of the things you don't want (sulfates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, gluten, animal testing) and full of the things you do want (nourishing plant extracts, argan oil, coconut oil, results) at a price you can feel good about. Our staff and clients love the products, and you will, too!

We are a home for creative, entrepreneurial professionals who share a vision to create a space where you can find your best self. Our staff members work for themselves, but not by themselves. Every member of our team brings their own unique talents and insights to Azarra, giving you access to the solutions you have been searching for. Want to learn how to style your own hair like a pro? Want to find a way to let your boldness shine without scaring your boss? Need a cut that works with minimal styling? Looking for a salon to call home? We have the people. We have the answers.


Aura saved my rear end when I ended up coloring my own hair Barney purple! If you don't believe me, check her photo book! She's the only person I've ever trusted to say, "Do whatever you want!" when it comes to my hair cuts and color. She also made me look beautiful for my wedding! I will continue to go to her for the upkeep, even though I now live four hours away! And the best part? She's the only person in Washington State with a smarter mouth than mine. (AM)

I LOVE Aura! Aura has been making me beautiful, cute and sexy for ummm.. let's see... I would say at least 15 years! I also moved out of state from NY to KS but I always came home and always came to Aura. So what does that tell you about her and her staff! She was there for my proms, my wedding and my divorce! I love just going in to have her do "magic" and gab with her. I trust her skills so much that I never know what I want when I go in, but I always love how I look when I leave! Thanks Aura!!!!!!!! (MS)

I don't come for the hair cut, I come for the floor show. (TB)

My oldest daughter first came here & then told me. I was almost going bald from all the hair products that had been used on me. Now my hair is in great shape and my youngest daughter also comes here. It is a great experience in all ways! (LK)

I can wear my pajamas and cuss. (WE)

I have been coming to Azarra for years because coming here is all about the experience. When I moved to California, I still managed to make an excuse to visit Azarra. I am now living in Hawaii & the first thing I did when I arrived in Washington was to make an appointment here. This is therapy for me. I like honesty and Aura always tells me how it is. She is a stylist, therapist & friend all wrapped into one. What a deal. Who wouldn't want to come? (KS)

I really love the atmosphere & people that work at this salon. It's not only the great hair cut, but the great caring that goes along with it. It's relaxing & why I keep coming back. (JD)

I drive 2 1/2 hours just to come in for the wonderful experience that I have here. Where else can you walk out looking 10 years younger? Thanks for making me feel beautiful! (SLB)

The combination of skill and artistry wrapped up in the confidence that comes from experience...there's no-one else with whom I'd trust my haircolor. The fun, comfortable and often outrageous environment feels more like an evening out on the town with girlfriends...that's what keeps me coming back! (EM) - Having fun with Azarra since 1997.

Hours of Operation, Location & Contact

(253) 752-1519 | info@azarra.com

Sunday & Monday: by appointment only | Tuesday: 9am - 630pm |

Wednesday through Friday: 9am - 9pm | Saturday: 9am - 6pm


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