Happy New Year!

This is our first blog post of the year (well, the first ever, really) so we’d love for you to leave feedback and ask questions!

At Azarra Salon & Wine we use a variety of different color brands. While each stylist is independent and has the ability to work with any tool of their choosing, most of our stylists use Pulp Riot (fashion), Goldwell Colorance (acid demi), Goldwell Elumen (fashion permanent), and Tutto (low ammonia Italian tint.)  While your colorist can help you understand which color is best for you in each circumstance, you may want to do your own research.

We selected the products we use for a number of reasons: We always like to work with products that are as safe as possible for you and for us and we want to be able to offer consistent results. We do extensive in-salon testing of all products (we have a massive collection of mannequin heads who serve as our test models and we also test everything on our staff before offering it to you.)

One of the unique products we use is Goldwell Elumen. We’ve been using it in the salon for nearly twenty years (Aura Mae was on the education team that launched Elumen in the US!) What makes Elumen different? It’s a permanent color that comes in natural and rainbow shades. Unlike most other fashion color lines, these pigments don’t fade away after a few weeks.  Elumen is a great choice for people who are looking for vibrancy and durability. It is a deposit only color, so if your desired color is lighter than what you have, we will lighten your hair first before applying the Elumen. But not all Elumen shades are of the rainbow. We can create most haircolor shades using Elumen. It’s more translucent than traditional tint, so while it covers grey hair beautifully, the color may be sheerer than you are used to. Elumen doesn’t use ammonia or peroxide but adheres to the hair though polarity.

Here’s a quick lesson: healthy hair has both positive and negative charges. Damaged hair has more negative charges and fewer positive. Most fashion colors are positively charged and rely on the negative charges in the porous hair to attach. The downside of this is that porous hair has a hard time holding the color so these shades are notoriously quick to fade. (This is a great thing if you want to be a whole new unicorn every visit, but not so good if you want your color to be more consistent over time.)
Elumen is different. It is an acidic color with a negative charge which allows it to adhere to hair that hasn’t been damaged. We only need to lighten the hair if we want a color that is brighter/lighter/more intense than the existing hair.

This is your chance to dream big! What’s your favorite color? Have you always imagined how cool it would be to have purple hair? We can help you get it and keep it!

Goldwell Elumen colors are no joke. If you’re looking for fiercely bright color and the lowest maintenance on the market then Elumen is your new BFF! So what’s the catch?! Remember how Elumen is uniquely created as a permanent color line? Color is classified as permanent because they permanently alter your hair shaft. This just means that after Elumen there’s no going back. If you like frequent and dramatic color changes it may be a harder transition with Elumen. We can help you shift from one color into another, but you won’t be platinum blonde after being violet.

Check out these photos of a project done by Carrie (a Board Certified Haircolorist.)This particular client was able to go over 12 weeks before a touch up of her fashion shade AND -as you can see -it’s still beautiful!

If you have wondered if colorful hair is for you come in for a free consultation with one of our Elumen colorists and have all your questions answered. See our website for scheduling.