March-ing into the Spring season with a new blog post! This time lets explore the awesomeness of OLAPLEX; the buzz word you keep hearing about! It is a patented technology (magic!) in the form of shampoo, conditioner, and most importantly as a strengthening treatment. Your hair will ALWAYS feel luxurious and shiny when you include Olaplex.

Azarra Salon & Wine has been using Olaplex since it’s launch in 2015. One of the most fascinating things about the technology is how it differs from other common reparative hair treatments. Before Olaplex the best things you could do for parched and damaged hair were conditioning masks and keratin protein treatments. These are still needed for the moisturization of your desperate strands, but Olaplex comes onto the scene with a whole new arsenal.

First of all, it’s important to understand the basic composition of your hair. Under a microscope, you’d see a few things: the hair shaft, the cuticle, and the follicle. To simplify something that takes months of education to fully grasp, try to think of those Pantene commercials with a magnified hair strand. Remember the scaly outside? That’s your cuticle layer which looks and acts a lot like shingles on a roof. Those are attached to the hair shaft or in other words, an individual strand of hair. Your follicle is the place just below the surface of your skin where the hair forms and eventually becomes a healthy baby hair (which is why scalp care is so darn important!) That may seem like a lot to remember but hang in there.

Why is this info a big deal?
In addition to the three main components of your hair, there are even smaller bits which are called bonds. You only need to know about the disulfide bonds. These are what literally hold your hair together. That internal structure is the difference between healthy hair or damaged hair. These teeny-tiny bonds are like a chain connected two-by-two and the damage happens when those couples become lonely single sulfur hydrogen bonds. Some breakdown is normal and absolutely necessary in order to effect change (via chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes). So, that’s when Olaplex rides in like a knight on white horse reuniting those bonds which keep your hair strong.

The Olaplex treatments are cleverly named after the order in which they are used, No.1 thru No.5. First, No.1 is applied to the hair directly or mixed with a color formula (haircolor, lightener, perms etc.) and processed simultaneously. This is when your hair is most compromised BUT because Olaplex is multiplying bonds as the chemicals do their worst you have nothing to fear. After rinsing, No.2 is combed through and seals the deal by reconnecting the disulfide bonds that were compromised during the chemical treatment and aligning your cuticle layer -the itty-bitty shingles on the outer layer of your hair shaft- leaving you with buttery smooth locks! No.3 is a take-home option to keep up all the good work Olaplex has already done. No.4 & No.5 are new additions to the Olaplex fam by the name of shampoo and conditioner. And -as if you needed any other reason to be excited- Olaplex is heartily against animal testing AND sulfate free.

*mic drop*

Just kidding, there’s always more.
Coming in March is a BRAND NEW Olaplex product! No. 6 Bond Smoother is a leave-in styling product that will blow your mind! It gives a faster, smoother blowout with three days of frizz protection! You can save time styling the first day, and on the next two days as well! And like the other Olaplex products, it’s super concentrated so you only need a tiny amount to get these great results. (We’ve been testing it in the salon for the past couple of weeks and we are loving it for smoothing all textures of hair. Clients report that the results are noticeable for days after!) #winning

Azarra Salon & Wine is a proud user of Olaplex in all its glory (Aura Mae is an Olaplex Advocate, so we are plugged into the company at the source and are always in the first group to try new products) and just about every service is already jam-packed with the Ola-goodness. Now that you know better hair is out there, don’t settle for the mediocre! Here at Azarra, we each aspire to be the best at what we do. Educating ourselves first so that we can educate you too!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and as always, contact us for a free consultation. Be bold and be armed with Olaplex for your next hair adventure!

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